Monday, March 29, 2010

Jessica Joslin

Jessica Joslin is a mad scientist of sorts. She's been collecting tiny mechanical parts since she was a child and in the early 90s began constructing her mechanimals. These objects of the bizarre are scary and fascinating. Her attention to detail will hold your attention for hours. I only wish I could see them in person.

Check it out here.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jessica Hess

Jessica Hess's graffiti landscapes push color to the limit. They're almost hyper-real.

Check it out here.

Aaron Nagel

Aaron Nagel is a painter currently showing at Shooting Gallery in SF. He is entirely self taught which will blow your mind when you see his beautiful use of color and subtle typeography hidden in his works. His current series is about guilt and power.

Check it out here.

Amelie Hegardt

Amelie Hegardt does really cool fashion illustration that has a really unique and erotic spin on it. She has a beautifully distressed messy style too ala Ralph Steadman.

Check it out here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Triborodesign is a design group out of nyc. They've just published their triboro leftovers, a project that created new art out of castoff images from past projects. There are some really great visuals in here that would have been a sad loss had they been just tossed.

Check them out here.

Jeff Canham

Jeff Canham is an artist from SanFran who is single handedly bringing back old school saloon style hand painted signs. He also happens to create art for galleries as well so you should look at it and get transported back in time. He does some really beautiful typographic work.

Check it out here.

Martin Machado

Martin Machado is an all around artist who's main focus has been on the sea. He's spent some time sailing around the world as a deckhand on container ships. He paints and photographs a lot of his experiences on board and on shore. These photos are a great glimpse into a world rarely seen by most and they have a really beautiful quality to them as well.

Check them out here.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rebecca Ward

A lot of artists these days are working with house hold objects more. Rebecca Ward is someone who's really taken that to a new and more beautiful level. She creates installations using grids and patterns made from duct tape and electrical tape. Her newest project is at the Kate Spade store in NYC. It's her second collaboration with the designer. Keep an eye out for a lot more from her.

Check it out here.

Tristram Lansdowne

Tristram Lansdowne has similar qualities to Jessie Douglas in the way he isolates urban architecture and makes it extremely interesting to look at. He's also taken one of my favorite things, the exposed sides of townhouses and really heroisized them a beautiful way.

Check it out here.