Tuesday, October 25, 2011

John Paul Thurlow

John is a master of graphite. His pencil drawings are the most insanely detailed works I've seen in a while. One of his series caught my eye recently. It's not his newest work, but its subject is certainly unique. Magazine covers. He does precisely detailed reproductions of magazine and record covers in pencil.

Check them out here.

Alexandra Bellissimo

I don't often feature photographers on here even though I have my degree in it. Chalk it up to over saturation, but there are exceptions. Alex is one of those. Her photo collages caught my eye because they're so extraordinarily simple. She combines things that you wouldn't normally see together, but in a really amazing way. She calls her work 'making pictures' instead of 'taking pictures'.

Check them out here.

Brian Hart

Brian is a painter from Massachusetts and a graduate of RISD. His work has a great textural quality to it and uses imagery from skeletons to Alice in Wonderland. One of his series caught my eye recently, his Alphabet Series. Each of the 26 paintings uses his standard catalog of images, but he hides an individual letter in each one. They're pretty rad.

Check them out here.

He's also got a really cool series of light paintings here.