Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mr Bingo

Mr Bingo is an English illustrator with a crazy graphic eye. He's great at reducing things to their most simple and has a sick sense of humour (Eng spelling) too. He has quite a few prints for sale as well. You may recognize his work from the recent Perrier print campaign.

Check it out here.

Thomas Doyle

This is fitting for the first new post in a while. Fatherhood really is a time vampire as far as this kind of stuff goes so I'm sorry for taking so long.

Thomas Doyle is awe inspiring. Both in his craftsmanship and his patience. His terrariums must take forever to craft and he has sooo many of them. I think I just spent 40 minutes looking through his site and I didn't even finish. The work defies explanation.

Check it out here.